Maintenance and Education.

Certification Maintenance Program (CMP)

CMP participants – All certified members of RID are required to participate in the CMP in order to maintain their certification.

Associate Continuing Education Tracking (ACET)

ACET participants – demonstrating the Associate members’ commitment to and participation in the field of interpreting.

RID Continuing Education Center (CEC)

Browse the Continuing Education Center portal to view our educational content.

CMP Sponsor Information

Relying on RID Approved Sponsors to provide and approve appropriate educational activities for participants.

Standards and Criteria for Approved Sponsors.


Earning RID CEUs

Participants must work with an RID-Approved Sponsor to earn CEU credits.

CEU Discrepancy Report

Used for any discrepancy with your transcript such as missing activities, or incorrect CEUs.

Find a RID CEU Provider

Search for a CMP Approved Sponsor to offer CEUs for your workshop, earn CEUs for college courses or set up an independent study. You don’t have to work with a sponsor in your area – they can be located anywhere!

Distance RID CEUs

Some RID Approved CMP Sponsors offer RID CEUs at a distance. Although RID cannot promote any individual Sponsor, we are happy to provide information that will assist you in locating RID CEU activities that may not be available through the workshop search tool on the RID Web site.

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RID approved workshops can be sponsor initiated or co-sponsored with another organization. Search the RID workshop database here!

Organizations, agencies, affiliate chapters and individuals seeking to be Approved Sponsors must complete an application. This was developed by the RID Professional Development Committee (PDC). In addition, the PDC reviews and makes determinations on all applications.