Certification Forms.

Verification, Reinstatement, and more…

To request verification of your certification, please complete and submit this form: https://rid.org/cert-verification-form/. Note that the Certification Department has gone paperless and is no longer accepting submissions mailed to HQ. Submissions mailed to HQ will not be processed.

If the loss of certification was due to failure to comply with the CEU requirement, please complete and submit this form.

If the loss of certification was due to failure to pay membership dues by July 31st, please complete and submit this form.

CMP Forms.

CMP Sponsors, Transcripts, CEUs and more…

Please fill this form out if you plan to or are taking a break from interpreting due to a life-altering event or activity which precludes them from working as an interpreter: https://rid.org/certification-inactive-form/

Please fill out this form if you are a Certified member who, upon reaching the age of 55 or older, elect to retire from working as an interpreter or transliterator: https://rid.org/certified-retired-form/

Please use this form should you have any discrepancy with your transcript: https://rid.org/ceu-discrepancy-report/

Please fill out this form in order to maintain your certification, you may submit a Certification Cycle Extension Request form.: https://rid.org/cycle-extension-form/

Please fill out this form to request a previous CEU transcript: https://rid.org/transcript-request-form/

For individuals whose award of CEUs for Continuing Education have been denied by a Sponsor or RID Headquarters: https://rid.org/participant-appeal-ceus-form/

Membership Forms.

Membership status and legal name changes

Please fill out this form if you have legally changed the name that is reflected in the registry: https://rid.org/name-change-form/

For individuals verifying proof of age: https://rid.org/proof-age-form/

For individuals providing proof of student status: https://rid.org/proof-student-status-form/

Volunteer Leadership Forms.

Volunteer Leadership Application and Agreement

If you are interested in serving on an RID volunteer group, please fill out this form: https://rid.org/volunteer-leadership-app/

This form is to be signed by all RID Volunteer Leaders: https://rid.org/volunteer-leadership-agreement/

Media and Publication Forms.


This form allows authors to submit articles for consideration for VIEWS, please fill out the submission form here: https://rid.org/views-article-submission-form/.

If you are interested in utilizing RID materials for special projects or various needs, please fill out this permission form here: https://rid.org/copyright-permission-request-form/