Meet your new Region V Representative-Elect: Rachel Kleist!

Rachel Kleist, CDI

Rachel Kleist HeadshotHello, my name is Rachel Kleist. It is a honor to be nominated as a candidate for the position of RID’s Region V Representative. As a part of the candidacy process, I have been asked to speak briefly about myself. I’m from Northern California. I’m Deaf. I became a Certified Deaf Interpreter in 2016, but my journey into the possibility of becoming a Deaf interpreter actually began approximately 2008 when I was first asked to do some sight translation. In 2012, I took my first interpreting-related workshop and started thinking that perhaps it was a definite possibility that Deaf could interpret.

Today, I am certified, I teach in an Interpreter Preparatory Program, and provide training for Deaf individuals who are interested in learning more about the possibility of becoming a Deaf interpreter. I have also served my local Affilate Chapter, SaVRID (Sacramento Valley Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf), in a variety of positions. General Member-at-Large, Secretary, and Treasurer. I enjoy participating in and listening to many different communities, talking with and seeing different perspectives. I want to continue that work, that passion, but on a larger scale – specifically as the RID Region V Representative. Thank you.

Voting is not needed with one candidate.

January 2024 RID Board Meeting: New Board of Directors Member Sworn into Office