What we’re seeking

RID seeks proposals from individuals, teams, and agencies interested in coordinating interpreter services for the RID National Conference.

Note that the official language of the Conference is ASL. The majority of presentations will be delivered in ASL. Exceptions would be workshops focusing on ASL to Spoken English, or trilingual interpreting.

We anticipate that the majority of interpreting services will be Deaf Interpreters working to mirror audience participation (if requested) as well as accommodations for DeafBlind attendees. There will also be some ASL/English interpreting for coordination and administrative purposes (between RID conference staff, hotel staff, conference center staff, A/V staff, etc.)

Some guests of the conference (VIPs, or content area experts) may not be fluent in ASL, and would require Hearing Interpreters. Additionally, ASL to English support for the business meeting note takers and Exhibitors (floater) will be needed.

Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with the RID Conference Planning Team to develop and release Call for Interpreters (via video, flyer, etc). RID is to approve all marketing materials for recruitment purposes.
  • Contacting/recruiting and scheduling appropriate, qualified, RID certified interpreters following the conference schedule, providing coverage for all events, including workshops, presentations, and evening entertainment.
  • Serve as liaison for contracts, payment negotiations, and cancellation policies.
  • Maintain a working database of interpreters and SSPs, their schedules and contact information.
  • Develop and send out contracts and accompanying paperwork. Contracts are written in collaboration with RID HQ Staff.
  • Coordinate any orientation meetings for interpreters including daily meetings if needed; Collect and provide conference credentials, name badges, schedules and other information regarding sessions for the interpreters upon their arrivals at the conference.
  • Collect presentation materials and distribute them to interpreters for preparation prior to their assignment. Work with the designated RID staff person to obtain these materials.
  • Deploy interpreters according to identified need; Coordinate with trilingual and DeafBlind interpreters.
  • Anticipate and arrange for last minute substitutions or changes; Interpreter Coordinators to be present during HQ Staff morning meetings to discuss any room changes or situations that may directly impact interpreter services.
  • Provide technical and logistical assistance at the sessions.
  • Engage in problem solving and “putting out fires”.
  • Provide a post-conference assessment summary and a final report on interpreting services provided, or specialized reports as requested by the conference planning committee.
  • Handle all communications with registered DeafBlind attendees to ascertain specific needs.
  • Ensure all contracted interpreters are pre-registered for the conference and licensed to work in the state of Maryland.
  • Ensure all contracted interpreters are RID certified, or (as in the case of Deaf interpreters) at least members of RID.
  • Adhere to RID’s established budget for conference interpreting and SSP services.
  • Collect travel, hotel and meal receipts and service invoices from interpreters, and follow procedures and deadlines for compiling, approving and submitting payment requests to the accounting department within 30 days, post-event. W-9 Forms will be required.
  • Perform follow ups with contracted interpreters to ensure that the interpreters have received payment.
  • Provide a post-conference final report summarizing interpreting services provided, including feedback on the overall coordinator/interpreter experience and suggestions for improvements.


  • Be a RID Certified Member in good standing.
  • Previous large event or conference planning experience.
  • Commitment to diversity and intersectionality in interpreter selection.
  • Experience coordinating Deaf and Hearing Interpreter Teams.
  • Available by text for HQ staff communications during the conference.
  • Strong organization and communication skills, and the ability to work in a fast paced environment.

Proposal Questions

  1. How would you, as the ISC (Interpreting Services Coordinator), manage the production of interpreting services for the 2023 conference? What resources would you dedicate to this position?
  2. Please provide a timeline for planning.
  3. How would you identify individual(s) that will perform the work?
  4. RID will need to approve the list of interpreters prior to anyone being invited to join the team. Who on your staff will send RID the applicant list for comment? How would you meet the expectation that the interpreting team MUST be diverse?
  5. What are your expectations in working with the RID Headquarters staff throughout the planning process?
  6. Please supply a brief history of your enterprise, emphasizing experience with projects of similar size and scope as the work outlined in this RFP.
  7. Please describe your financial viability in terms of attending to the elements defined in this scope of work and your ability to provide them uninterrupted.
  8. Please describe your technical and personnel capabilities as related to the scope of work outlined in this RFP.

For consideration, please submit:

  • A written letter of interest or an ASL video that includes contact information and responses to the questions listed above.
  • Organizational references highlighting large event or conference planning experience.
  • Resume(s) highlighting large event or conference planning experience.

RID is open to bids that include a direct fee paid to the organizers, sponsorship recognition or in-kind, or other creative solutions. Proposals and responses to questions should be sent to: Cori Dossett at conference@rid.org.

The deadline for consideration is: Sunday, May 7, 2023, 11:59 pm PT.