FY 2024 Certification Revocations.

Revocations List

Please click here to view a list of individuals whose certifications have been revoked due to non-compliance with the Certification Maintenance Program requirements and/or reasons outlined in the RID Policies and Procedures Manual.

**Indicates a member is not eligible for reinstatement.

In compliance with the Certification Maintenance Program requirements, RID has revoked the certifications previously held by these individuals. This revocation was not done in haste; several attempts were made to contact the individuals listed above to let them know they had not satisfied the requirements for maintaining certification. In addition, we worked with Region Representatives and Affiliate Chapter Presidents to remove all known people who passed away. If the individual appears on this list, it means they are no longer permitted to represent themselves as  “RID Certified,” and may no longer fall under the jurisdiction of the RID Ethical Practices System.

FY 2024 Reinstatements.

View a list of individuals whose certifications have been reinstated.