The Certification Maintenance Program (CMP) is the vehicle used to monitor the continued skill development of certified interpreters. Certification maintenance is a way of ensuring that practitioners maintain their skill levels and keep up with developments in the interpreting field, thereby assuring consumers that a Certified interpreter provides quality interpreting services.

Once certified, members must maintain their certification through continuing education, membership in RID, and compliance with the RID Code of Professional Conduct. This is required of all certified members.


  • Maintain current RID membership by paying annual RID Certified Member dues
  •  Meet the CEU requirements of the RID Certification Maintenance Program (CMP)

CMP CEU Requirements:

8.0 Total CEUs with at least 6.0 in PS CEUs
(up to 2.0 GS CEUs may be applied toward the requirement)

*If your certification cycle began on or after 1/1/2019, the PPO CEU requirement is in effect for you – please see this page for more information.

SC:L’s only–2.0 of the 6.0 PS CEUs must be in legal interpreting topics
SC:PA’s only–2.0 of the 6.0 PS CEUs must be in performing arts topics

Earning RID CEUs

You may begin earning RID CEUs for your new certification cycle any time on or after your certification start date. (Your certification start date is the Results Sent date shown in “View Your Exam History.”  To see your exam results, please click on “Download Score Report.”  This PDF document will automatically downloaded to your computer.)

RID Approved CMP Sponsors process your continuing education activities, which you can monitor through your online RID member account. You can access your transcript at any time by logging in to your member account at  and clicking on “Download CEU Transcript” or clicking “View Your Education History.” Please note that it can take up to 60 days for CEUs to be added to your transcript. If 60 days have elapsed since your CEU-earning activity and your CEUs from the event are still not posted on your transcript, please fill out the CEU Discrepancy Report form.

Expiring Certification Cycles

Certification cycles end December 31 of the fourth year from the start date of a certified members certification cycle. At the completion of the certification cycle, the certification maintenance requirements must be met. To verify when the certification ends, log into the member portal and the certification start and end date will be listed. If a certified member feels they may not be able to meet the CEU requirement for certification renewal, they may submit a certification cycle extension request form.

Certification Cycle Extension Request

If you believe you will not meet the CEU requirement for cycle ending December 31, 2019, a one-year, once-in-a-lifetime Certification Cycle extension may be available for those who submit a Certification Cycle Extension Request form.

The extension request must be submitted to the Professional Development Department via the online form by December 31, 2019, to avoid a late fee of $100. If you have received an extension in the past, a reinstatement will need to be requested. For more information, please visit Certification Reinstatement.

RID Headquarters will begin processing 2019 extension requests on September 1, 2019. Once an extension request has been approved it can longer be rescinded or canceled. 

IMPORTANT: An extension does not delay the end date of the next certification cycle—the extension cuts into the following cycle.  The new certification cycle will begin the day after the CEU requirement for the extended cycle has been satisfied.  For this reason, it is good to complete the CEU requirement as quickly as possible allow as much time as possible to earn the next cycle’s CEUs.

CMP Cycle Option When Earning Additional Certificates

As a default, a new cycle is created in the record of all new certificants, regardless of the previous certification held, so if you earn a new certification or pass a re-examination of the same certification, a new certification cycle is automatically added to your record. However, you have the option to continue the cycle timeline from your previous certification. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from the previous cycle cannot be carried over i