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Arkansas RID April Workshops.



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Friday, April 5, 2024, 6-9pm CT:

This workshop uses empirical mixed-methods research to highlight and uncover audism impacts access for DDBDDHH individuals particularly in healthcare settings. Much of this evidence has emerged from the pandemic, and continues to evolve and shift how we think about access not just for healthcare settings, but working environments as DDBDDHH individuals are reaching historic levels of advanced education, advanced employment, and advanced arenas of knowledge that require reformatting the traditional and often simplistic paradigm hearing people assign to DDBDDHH individuals. We will also anaylze how Audism colors each aspect of access hidden behind long-held assumptions as it intersects with public policy.

ARID Friday April 5 Workshop Infographic

Saturday, April 6, 2024, 12-3pm CT:

This workshop uses empirical qualitative research to showcase attitudes of paternalism and audism interpreters can have within sexual health settings involving deaf patients. We dive deeper into the reasons why such attitudes might be present while interpreting, where this covert/overt behavior may be subconsciously learned, and what steps we can do to overcome deficit attitudes and thinking in the interpreting profession. We will also identify future research needs, what components of interpreter education are missing, and what action steps we can take to change the trajectory of the interpreting field to better fit current language and education trends of DDBDDHH individuals in the United States.

Saturday April 6 ARID Workshop Infographic

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