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RID has membership categories that span the interpreter’s career. Whether you’re exploring your possibilities or are a seasoned veteran, joining RID will provide resources that move you forward! Please see our membership categories below.

Member Category Description Yearly Dues and Fees
Certified Member who holds a valid certification accepted by RID, is in good standing, and meets the requirements of the Certification Maintenance Program (CMP).


Senior Members (55+) $120.00

Certified:Inactive Member who holds temporarily inactive certification, is not currently interpreting and has put their certification on hold. Members in this categories are not considered currently certified and do not hold valid credentials. $44
Certified: Retired Member who has retired from interpreting and is no longer practicing. Members in this categories are not considered currently certified and do not hold valid credentials. $44
Associate Member engaged in interpreting or transliterating, full-time and part-time, but not holding certification accepted by RID. Members in this category are enrolled in the Associate Continuing Education Tracking Program (ACET).


Senior Members (55+) $100.00

Student Member currently enrolled, at least part-time, in an interpreting program. Student members must provide proof of enrollment every year. This proof can be a current copy of a class schedule or a letter from a coordinator/instructor on school letterhead. Student membership does not include eligibility to vote. $35.00
Supporting Individuals who support RID but are not engaged in interpreting. Supporting membership does not include eligibility to vote or reduced testing fees. $35.00
Trial Receive a one-year subscription to VIEWS as an introduction to RID. Trial membership does not include any other benefits or member discounts. $15.00
Organizational Organizations and agencies that support RID’s purposes and activities. $180.00


Use one of the following methods to become a member or renew your membership today!

Online – (Preferred) Renewing is quick, easy and secure. You can pay with a VISA or MasterCard.
Note: If using a debit or credit card and your transaction fails, please stop and contact RID Staff for assistance. Multiple failed attempts could result in reduced funds availability in your bank account.

Mail – You can renew by completing a membership application and mailing it to:
RID Member Services
333 Commerce Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

Phone – Contact Member Services at 703/838-0030 (voice)  571/384-5163 (videophone)

Organizational Membership Application

Have you let your certified membership lapse?

According to the RID Bylaws, an individual’s certification can be revoked for two reasons:

  1. Suspension or expulsion as outlined in the policies and procedures manual (such as an EPS violation or non-compliance with CMP requirements)
  2. Non-payment of dues.

Additionally, the Bylaws state that to remain in good standing dues must be paid by August 1st of each fiscal year.

With the requirement to remain current with membership dues to retain your certification, these governing guidelines are an important reminder about your obligation as it relates to the maintenance of your certification. To date, RID has been lenient in enforcing this policy.

As we continue to implement systems of efficiency and standards, RID will begin to enforce the guidelines as established in the Bylaws. Therefore, if dues are not paid on or before July 31, your certification will be terminated due to non-payment of member dues. As a result, you will be required to go through the reinstatement process, in order to get your certification back. To avoid revocation of your certification please plan to renew on or before July 31.

The power to effect change in this area lies with the membership. The connection to membership and certification has been an area of discussion over the years. To change the current structure, which ties current membership to certification maintenance, would require a Bylaws amendment, approved by two-thirds of the voting members.