Affiliate chapters are a crucial element in RID’s overall structure as they help RID Headquarters extend our reach into the interpreting profession.

RID has chapters in all but two of the 50 states, with representation in both Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. In addition, many states also have local chapters of RID. For more information regarding state or local affiliate chapters, please visit our Affiliate Chapter Map with a list of their Web sites.

The benefits of being affiliated with RID include a support system comprised of national committees, staff and other affiliate chapter leaders; resources including a comprehensive affiliate chapter handbook, mentoring grants and membership information and access to non-profit status through RID’s group exemption.

Learn more about starting a chapter.

The Affiliate Chapters of RID are divided into five regions, covering all fifty states, Puerto Rico, and a number of provinces in Canada. Each region is represented on RID’s Board of Directors by an elected region representative, who serves for a period of two years.

These region representatives work not only on the broad issues affecting the entire profession, but also work closely with the affiliate chapter presidents and members of the state and local chapters on issues special to their areas. The region representatives provide detailed reports on the plethora of activities in their regions in the RID e-NEWS each month.

Affiliate chapters have many resources available to them for support including, but not limited to, the following: