Why we transitioned

In July of 2022, RID transitioned from using member cards in the form of either downloadable PDFs or plastic cards to using digital credentials via Credly so hiring entities, consumers, state licensing agencies and members of the public can easily verify, in real time, whether an RID member is certified and in good standing, ensuring the integrity of our certifications. 

Unfortunately, RID has received numerous reports of interpreters misrepresenting themselves as being RID Certified when they are not. Unlike plastic cards, digital credentials cannot be forged. Digital credentials adds a layer of security to our certifications and enhances the integrity of the certification and increases consumer protection. This change is in accordance with best practices for certifying organizations. 

RID certifications indicate that a member has met the minimum standard of knowledge, skills and abilities needed to attain certification and is committed to adhering to best practices, professionalism, continued professional development, and – most importantly – accountability to adhering to high ethical standards. As defined under RID’s Certification Maintenance Program (CMP), to be a RID-certified member in good standing, members must maintain their certification through continuing education, membership in RID, and compliance with the NAD-RID RID Code of Professional Conduct and the Ethical Practices System (EPS). 

Credly verification options

Credly can be used to verify a member’s certification (including membership) and receive accurate information instead of fraudulent information or inaccurate information. Also, when viewing the digital credential, the viewer will see what each certification represents and what knowledge, skills and abilities were assessed for that certification. Credly allows for instantaneous explanations of these certifications. It is continuously updated to verify that the interpreter continues their professional development and commitment to being certified in good standing through RID’s CMP. 

There are numerous ways to verify a member’s credentials. A member can share a unique link via email, add a scannable QR code on their smartphone wallet that will lead to the Credly page for more information, share their badge directly from Credly to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook; or have it embedded in a website or in their email signature. 

These are the ways we show our commitment to our profession and our commitment to our consumers. It is crucial to have a robust and verifiable system to demonstrate our commitment.

Resources if Credly is inaccessible

If accepting digital credentials is not feasible due to a lack of internet access or technological resources, we have a certification verification letter for members to print to show employers and consumers. The letter can also be sent directly from RID to hiring entities.

The cycle end date on the verification letter will take effect only if one or more requirements of the RID CMP are not met (i.e., failure to pay membership dues or failure to meet continuing education requirements). The RID certification(s) they hold will then be revoked if the CMP requirements are not met.

It’s important to also note that RID’s registry is a reliable search tool for anyone to confirm someone’s certification status: https://myaccount.rid.org/Public/Search/Member.aspx (Select ‘Certified’ in the category box first before searching). 

You can find more information about our digital credentials at https://rid.org/certification/digital-credentials/

Please contact us at certification@rid.org if you have any questions or concerns.